Andrew Guckenberg

Andrew Jacob Guckenberg was born on Spetember 16, 1853 in Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany. He was the son of Conrad Guckenberger and Katherine Helferich.

Pauline Theby

Pauline Marie Theby was born on September 22, 1862 in Stanley, WI.  She was the seventh of eight children of Andreas Theby and Anna Marie Kern.

Andrew and Pauline were married January 24th, 1882 in Marshfield, WI. They lived in Marshfield until about 1887 when they moved to Colburn Township in Chippewa County.

Family photo taken about 1920.

Taken about 1920 in Stanley, Wisconsin.

Back Row: Ed, John, Bill, Minnie, Frank, Rose, Louis, Fred

Front Row: Jake, Andrew, Pauline, Lena

Name Birthdate Spouse(s)
Pauline Marie(Lena) January 6, 1883  
Jacob John (Jake) June 10, 1885  
John Peter September 16, 1887  
William April 16, 1890  
Edward Nicholas February 24, 1893  
Rose Mary March 20, 1895  
Louis June 29, 1897  
Minnie Catherine April 17, 1900 Louis Letourneau
Frank Joseph April 19, 1902  
Frederick Eugene May 30, 1905  


Pauline at the family farm late in life.


Andrew was dying of cancer and on March 19, 1936, at the family farm in Huron, he shot himself while sliding down a hill on a sled. After Andrew's death, Pauline moved into the village of Huron and died May 14, 1948.

Land office records show that Andrew homesteaded 120 acres in section 17 in 1892 and another 40 acres in section 3 just east of the small town of Huron in 1901. It was on this 40 acres that the family farm was located sometime after the turn of the century. The dead-end road today is known as Guckenberg Road. The orange square is where the 40 acre farm was located.


The remains of the farm house in 1998.

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