Julius A. Haussner

Julius A. Haussner was born in Stillwater, MN on July 15th, 1862.  He was the son of F. August Hausner and Minna Bollmann.  When Julius was only 9 years old, his mother passed away.  When Julius was just reaching adulthood, his father passed away.  Julius and his two siblings inherited August's house in Stillwater and property on the east side of White Bear Lake.

Jessie A. Leaman

Jessie A. Leaman was born in Clayton, Jefferson County, New York in May of 1867 to Abel Leaman and Margaret Webber.  When she was about eight years old, she moved with her family to White Bear Lake, MN.  Her father owned the Leaman Boatworks in White Bear Lake.

Julius and Jessie where married about 1887 in White Bear Lake, MN.  They had six children.

Name Birthdate Spouse Notes
Leaman  1889 None Died of scarlet fever February 16, 1891.
Raymond Dean December 13, 1890 Vina Poirier, Gladys  
Leslie Julius August 13, 1892 Theresa Mayer  
Charles Arthur September 13, 1894 Mildred McKenzie, Helen  
Margaret Webber June 19, 1896 Raymond Uppgren  
Dorothy 1906 Herman Nielsen  

Census Info - 1930

The 1930 Census lists Julius, Mary, and Dorothy. I assume Mary is refering to Jessie since it lists her and her parent's birthplace as New York and the age is correct. Their address is 213 Stewart Ave. Julius' occupation is listed as a real estate salesman. Dorothy was working in a hardware store.

Jessie died on February 8th, 1934 in White Bear Lake, MN.

On April 6th, 1935, Julius married Lucie Schermuly in Hudson, WI.  This was also Lucie's 2nd marriage.

Julius died in White Bear Lake, MN on January 12th, 1940.

He is buried at Fairview Cemetery in Stillwater, MN next to his mother and father.

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