Simeon Morrill and Sarah Taylor

Simeon Morrill was born March 21st, 1823 in Bath, Grafton County, New Hampshire.  He died on October 18th, 1907 in Janesville, Minnesota.

Sarah Taylor was born March 4, 1826 in Vermont and died October 26, 1901 in Alton, Waseca County, Minnesota.

Simeon and Sarah were married in Connecticut in 1844.  Sometime in the 1850s, they moved to Wisconsin and then to near Wells, MN in 1860. They finally settled in Alton Township, Waseca County, Minnesota in 1876.  Simeon and Sarah had five children:

Name Birth Place Death Place Spouse(s)
Sarah Jane May 18, 1845 Essex, VT Dec 12, 1920 Janesville, MN William Hawkins
Henry A. May 31, 1849 Essex, VT Jul 3, 1923 Janesville, MN Allie
James L. Jun 2, 1858 Fond du Lac, WI Jun 19, 1953   Ellen Augusta Cusick
Fred Morris Oct 5, 1860 Dane County, WI Aug 24, 1952   Bertha Carr
Frank Devilla Nov 5, 1866 Faribault County, MN Mar 16, 1952 Waseca Minnie Kleinschmidt

Simeon Morrill's obituary from the October 23rd, 1907 Janesville Argus, Janesville, Minnesota.

Simeon Morrill Passes Away

Dies at Ripe Old Age-at the Home of His Son F.D. Morrill


Largely Attended by Friends and Relatives From All Parts of the Country

      The death of Simeon Morrill occurred Friday Morning at about twenty minutes to five o'clock at the home of his son, F.D. Morrill, in this place.  In the early morning hours of the preceding day he was taken with nausea.  But otherwise he was as well as usual.  He talked freely with the members of the family as customary.  Toward the evening hours, he spoke of feeling tired.  He slumbered quietly as would a child, his daughter-in-law watching by his side until 3 o'clock.  At that hour she was relieved by her husband.  The patient roused up and talked to his son.  He seemed pleased and satisfied with the attention he was receiving.  His last words were "God bless you" spoken to his son, Frank as the later was caring for him.  Shortly after, he became unconscious.  He passed away as noted like one "who wraps the drapery of his couch about him and lies down to pleasant dreams."      About eight years ago Mr. Morrill was stricken with paralysis.  Since that time he has been an invalid.  Until about a year ago he was enabled to ride out and to help himself to a limited degree.  But at that time he became a helpless, requiring constant care and attention, lovingly and freely given by his family.  Through the long years of his affliction he maintained a cheerful disposition, accepting his lot with perfect resignation and contentment.  He was appreciative of all that was done for him and often expressed his thanks for the care and attention that he received.  In his religious belief he was ever guided by strong convictions and his faith lead him to a truly sublime experience.  He adhered to the doctrines of the Advent faith and at his death in response to his request a minister of that denomination was secured to officiate at the funeral.  In his life he was a man respected by all the people.  His honesty, integrity, good intentions and probity marked a strong and vigorous character, whose crowning glory was a well rounded life, whose influence was for the universal good and whose life was an example worthy of emulation.

Mr. Morrill was born at Bath, New Hampshire, March 21, 1823.  Full of good deeds and years of toil and industry he passed away at the ripe old age of eighty-four years, six months, and twenty-seven days.  He was married in 1844 in Vermont to Miss Sarah Taylor, who preceded him to the better world some years ago.  The fruits of this union were five children, one daughter and four sons, Mrs. Hawkins and Henry Morrill of Minneapolis, J.L. Morrill of Alma City, and F.M. and Frank Morrill of this place.

     After his marriage Mr. Morrill resided some years in Connecticut.  Subsequently he removed to Wisconsin.  Later he came to Minnesota, settling near Wells.  For about thirty years he resided in Alton township about five miles from this place.  He had been a resident of Minnesota for forty years.  His early experiences were fraught with many difficulties and hardships, the inevitable lot of the pioneer settlers.

     The funeral was conducted Sunday afternoon at the residence of F.D. Morrill with whom the deceased resided.  It was one of the most largely attended funerals ever held in this vicinity, many coming in from surrounding towns.  Nearly all the people who were formerly his neighbors in Alton and Alma City were present.  The funeral sermon was delivered by Rev. W.A. Kuehl, of St. Paul.  It was an eloquent discourse and produced a deep and abiding impression upon those who listened to it. The remains were laid to rest in the Janesville Cemetery.

Sarah Taylor's obituary from the October 30th, 1901 Janesville Argus, Janesville, Minnesota.


Mrs. S. Morrill, an Aged and Respected Citizen of Alton Succombs to the Grim Reaper

    Mrs. S. Morrill, of Alton Township, died sunday morning last, after a lingering illness of many months.  For the last few weeks she has been very low most of the time in an unconscious condition.  Her aged husband who is very feeble comforted her in her last hours and was surrounded by her children and grandchildren who sorrowfully contributed to make her end peaceful and happy.  Her age was seventy-five years, seven months and twenty-two days.  She was the mother of Henry A., James L., Fred D. and Frank M. Morrill and Mrs. Hawkins.  She has been a resident of Waseca County for many years and together with her husband endured the hardships which came to early settlers of this region.  The funeral was held Monday from the residence of the deceased by Elder M.B. Van Kirk, of Eagle Lake and the remains were laid to rest in the Janesville cemetery.  The deceased was a worthy woman and lived and died an exemplary christian.