f St. Mawgan Marines


Mike ?



Mike at Big Red's

Dates: June, 1982 - April, 1983

After Marine Barracks, London, Detatchment 2, I was stationed with Weapons Co.1/2 at Camp Lejuene and Okinwa before I got out in 1985. Now I work for Cummins Eng. Co. where they make the engines for the Dodge truck. We have about 15 former Marines working here.

Earl Alexander



After leaving St. Mawgan in September 1990, I was assigned to Weapons Co. 1/8 at Camp Lejeune, NC. We left in December of that year to be involved in Desert Shield/Desert Storm. We finally got back to the states in April of 1991. Then three months later we left again on a Med Float and went back to the desert again to train the Saudis and Kuwaities. I got out of the Marine Corps in August of 1992. I am currently a Real Estate Appraiser. But, best of all the LORD called me to the Gospel Ministry in 1997 and I am now a Baptist Minister Preaching the Gospel.

Chad Almond



Chad and Jason Farrington at Frizbee's.

Dates: 1991 - August, 1992

I left St. Mawgan and went to Norfolk NAS and stayed there a while. I got out of the Marines and came back home to Arkansas and been here ever since. I have been a Police Officer for about 7 years and love that work. I was able to stay in touch with a few of my friends for a while but have lost touch. Look forward to hearing from some of my old buddies, Ryan Velarde (How did Fast Company turn out buddy? ha ha ha), Scott "Hooch" Childs, Derek Sullivan and anybody else who wants to get ahold of me. Hey Velarde, remember having to sing the Red Hot Chili Peppers song for Sgt. Wilson?? Oh yeah!!! Had some great times at Frizbies and Newquay Arms with all my buddies. Will Never forget Boothman and Baker Blocks!!!!! Later All, SEMPER FI FOR LIFE BROTHERS!!!!!

Brian Anderson



Dates: 1982 - 1983

I was stationed in St Mawgan in 1982-1983. We had a great time there. I'm now retired and live in Altoona, Pa.

Last update: October 2005

Dave Angers




Dates: Spring 1981 - Fall 1982

Stationed at St Mawgan with some of the greatest Marines I’ve known. Husein (Hansan), Norris, Klump, Bustamante, Browne, Brown, Lemere, Boren, Clark, Beasley, Pickerell, Keyes, Failing. OIC was Capt Vogt, Capt Quinn. Anyone remember Sgt Pollard? He was a bad ass Marine that married a brit and had one or two kids. I hear he rotated to Beruit and was killed in a bombing in Beiruit in the 80s. RIP Sgt Pollard. They don’t make many Marines like him. My tour in St Mawgan was one of the my great life experiences. Semper fi to my brothers from St Mawgan, especially ones that made it through a winter on post 5. I’m now married with children in sunny So. Cal.

Last update: November 2011

Bobby Baker




Dates: 1978 - 1980

Jim Ball



Treyarnon Bay, Cornwall, March 2007.

Dates: Aug 25, 1986 - Feb 29, 1988

After St. Mawgan, I went to 1st Marines at Camp Horno, Camp Pendleton and stayed there until I got out of the Corps in February 1990. I joined the Reserves that summer and was activated for the Gulf War. The MP unit I was with became MP Co, HQBn, 2ndMarDiv. We managed the mine field breaches for the 2nd Marine Division and gathered POWs. After I got out, I worked while attending school part time. I received an engineering degree from the University of Minnesota. I've been back to Cornwall many times over the years, although I'm now going to Scotland instead. I am currently working with a medical device startup called InjectSense

I live in Saint Paul, MN.

I maintain this web site.

Last update: November 2015

Chris Baynton




Dates: 1982 - 1983

I Served at St. Mawgan from 1982 to 1983. Not sure of the exact dates. I left DET II and was attached to 2/5 at Pendleton and was meritoriously promoted to Cpl and then Sgt. I did another tour at Camp Lejuene, NC as a diesel and hydraulics mechanic. Been married three times; I'm always looking for a new ex-wife.. I did a try in the National Guard but they were too lazy for me to re-up. I am a Sgt in the Michigan Department of Corrections. I work for the Emergency Response Team. I am currently married and have been for 10 years. We have two 21-year old children and one 12 year old. We ride Harleys and have for 20 years. I'm still adding to my tattoo collection. How about those tattoos we got, Craig Keyes? Hi to Paul Failing.

Last update: May 2007.

Doug Bell



Dates: Mar 1983 - Aug 1984

I had a great time there although I appreciate more now than I did then. I was there for the famous British Paratrooper (“Paries”) vs. the U.S. Marine fight at Boom Booms in the summer of ’83. Boy did we get a talking too after that “international incident”! As I recall there were 7 of us Marines surrounded by at least a platoon a ‘paries’ (I was not out that night as I was on duty!). This was outside of Boom Booms after it had just closed for the night. The ‘paries’ wanted a fight. The Marines just wanted to get back to base—especially with the numerical superiority of ‘paries. Well as the story goes the ‘paries’ started it, the Marine responded and the police showed up… with a dog. Arrests were made but in the end it seemed like the Marines made a better showing of themselves. Our guys sent a few of their guys to the hospital with only a few of our guys coming back with nothing more serious than a few black eyes and bloody noses (there’s a lot of adrenaline pumpin when you’re outnumbered!).
Of course this made all the British tabloids and did not go unnoticed by Headquarters Marine Corps. We were all lectured by the CO as to the serious nature of what happened and how this has risen to the level of an “International Incident”! However, after the lecture and period of instruction there was also an unofficial ‘wink’ of approval for having had the better performance of the evening. Marines will be Marines and Paratrooper will be Paratroopers!
A follow-up to this story came a few months later when my buddy, Gary Boone and I went up to London. We were checking into a cheap place to stay when this older gentlemen behind desk noticed our U.S. Marine Barracks, Newquay address. While looking over his glasses he spouts out, “are you that groop ov’ mar-rines that got in tha’ fite with thim paries?” Boone and I shot a quick glance at each other and both drew a deep breath thinking we probably were going to be staying somewhere else that night. “Yes sir…,” I started before the old guy jubilantly interrupted my explanation with, “Raght good jub yo did with thos’ paries! Nev’r did like thim much wen I wuz in!”
After our tour was done in England, Gary Boone, Cliff (Killer) Kelling, Bruce Ritter, and myself all rotated back to Camp LeJuene, NC and went to 1/6—all of us riflemen. L/Cpl Rice extended as he had gotten married to an English girl. Gary is the only one I knew of to re-enlist and became a Mountain Warfare instructor at Bridgeport, CA. After that I lost track of him as well as the others. I sure would like to reconnect with these guys if anyone knows them.
After the Corps I returned home briefly to Pennsylvania then went to college in FL to get a BS in Communications. Eventually, I also got a masters in counseling, joined the National Guard and got a free trip to Iraq, got married and have 6 wonderful children and now reside in Billings, MT working as VA readjustment counselor for combat vets.

Last update: October 2012

Brent Benson



Dates: August 1982 – February 1985

I was stationed at St. Mawgan from Aug. 1982 to Feb. 1985. I did a lat move into Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) leaving St. Mawgan. After EOD school I served as an EOD Technician at MCAGCC 29 Palms; Range Company, Camp Fuji, Japan and 7th Engineer Support Battalion, Camp Pendleton, CA. Deployed to Desert Shield/Storm with 5th MEB. Shortly after my return from the Gulf I was selected for Warrant Officer. I served as an EOD Officer at MCAS Kaneohe Bay HI; MCBH Kaneohe Bay; Combat Service Support Group 3 (also at K-Bay) and Marine Wing Service Support 372, Camp Pendleton, CA. I retired from the Corps in January 2002. I moved to Custer, SD when I retired and went to work for the State of SD. I worked as a Drill Instructor and Platoon Commander at a juvenile boot camp facility. I also worked as a Treatment Supervisor at one of our female programs. Stopped working in August 2007 in order to continue with my education on a full time basis.
I’m married and have 3 kids. My wife recently finished Nursing School and decided to go back into the Navy. She was commissioned in the Navy Nurse Corps in May 2008, so we are once again a military family (only I get to play dependant this time).
We are currently residing in Jacksonville, NC. Would love to hear from old shipmates, so feel free to drop a line.

Last update: December 2008.

Bruce Benz



Dates: June 1989 – November 1990

compressed the top vertebra in my neck and transfered to Lejeune in time for Gulf 1. Did training and admin billets until medically retired in 1995. Went to college, married, divorced, remarried, live in Arkansas. I now teach Homeland Security and Emergency Management for the local college.
I was an armorer when I went there, even though I rarely saw the armory. With three armorers I became a supply clerk.

Last update: May 2010.

Paul Bibaud




Dates: July, 1986 - Jan, 1988

Still waiting for you, Paul...

Rolando Bolanos



Dates: 1991 - 1992

I’ve been trying to look up old friends and came across your web page. This is very cool. Brings back a lot of good memories. I served from 91-92 and was there until the end when we all flew home. I was a LCPL at the time I was there.

Last update: February 2009.

Julian Bridges



Dates: 1985 - 1987 & 1990 - 1992

Stationed RAF St Mawgan from 1985 to 1987 and again from 1990 to 1992. I was there with Maj Murdock and remember Gen Peterson's visit. I remember Scott and Casey and of course the trips to Mitchell. Best time in the corps. Between 87 and 90 went to Camp Lejune did a Med and a West-Pac and a Caribbean cruise. I’m now a state trooper in South Carolina. Been doing it for 15 yrs. St Mawgan thanks for the memories.

Last update: July 2013.

Kevin Brown




Dates: May, 1983 - December, 1984

When I left St. Mawgan, I went to I Co, Weapons Platoon (60 mm Mortars), 3/4th. ("Thundering Third". They have a great website http://thundering-third.org) at Camp Lejuene. I spent the remainder of my four year tour with them. We did a show of force in Honduras and a 6 month Med. deployment (USS Manitowoc). I was honorably discharged as a Corporal in Dec. of '86. I graduated from The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale in '89 and worked in the licensed sports apparel business for the following 8 years. I married my lovely wife in January of 2000. We currrently reside in Fayetteville, Arkansas where she teaches Architecture at the University of Arkansas and I am a freelance graphic designer with a passion for homebrew.

Last update: April 2007.

Jim Browne




Dates: May, 1980 - September, 1981

After leaving St Mawgan, I was sent to Fox co, 2nd Batt, 9th Marines, 1st MarDiv, and went to Okinawa in 1982. I got back in Dec of 1982 and was made the Carrer Planner's Assistant for HQ Co, 5th Marines. I got out in July of 1983. I am currently a dispatch supervisor for an alarm and patrol company in Los Angeles. I've been married 14 years and have a 13 year old son.

Aaron Burch




Dates: 1986 - 1987

After I left St. Mawgan I was stationed at 1/9 Marines for two years. I went on one West/Pac float in 1989 and shortly after returning reached my E.A.S. and was honorably discharged. I stayed in So-Cal for about 5 years then moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma where I graduated from college and took a job as a youth minister. I have just recently relocated to Kalamazoo, MI. where I accepted a position of minister of music. I am married with 3 awesome girls and have a great life. I want to give a shout out to some of my peeps. JJ, you rock bro! We still need to take that trip to J-hole. To our brother Rich Anglin who died in a helicopter crash in Korea in 1989 RIP. Bibaud where are you? Pete (Legs) Legler "Sorry my friend, I'm going to have to say no this time." CS Man "Trix are for kids" what's up? Nunnally, nice art work bro...And to my buddy, my pal, Gunny "the mind freak" Sonny Jimenez, what's up with all the cleaning? All we wanted to do was to go on libbo!!! To all those in 1st Guard Section thanks for the awesome memories. It was a pleasure serving with you.

Last update: February 2006.

Lorenzo Carrillo




Dates: August 1986 - February 1988

After St. Mawgan, Lorenzo went to 7th Marines at Camp Pendleton and went on a float to Thailand, PI, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. He is currently a detective in the gang unit with the Santa Ana, California Police Department. He lives in Anaheim with his wife and 3 children.

James Casey




Dates: June 1984 - December 1985

I served from June 84 - Dec 85 and went to Okinawa with 2/6 and then back to Lejeune. I got out with an honorable discharge as a corporal in Dec.1987 and have been a police officer in New Hampshire since 1988. I remember all the good times in England and how green and beautiful it was. My home now is in the country and reminds me a little of outside the base there. Best regards to all who served  at St Mawgan. I got a taste for the ale and stout in Newquay and haven't lost it yet.

Paul Charbonneau



Dates: 1986 - 1987/8

I was in 2nd section for most of tour, though some in 1st section and HQ. Was the WSSI for the unit until rotation to 1/7 Camp Pendleton. Got out in 1989, was recalled in 1991 for Desert Storm to Camp Geiger but we didn't get deployed anywhere. Later served 6 years in NJ National Guard. Currently live in NJ with wife and 2 kids. I'm a Veteran Service Representative for the VA Regional Office Newark, NJ.

Last update: May 2007.

Dave Cohee




Dates: March 1988 - September 1989

It is good to see a sight that brings back the memories of horizontal precipitation and forty knot fog.  I was stationed at St. Mawgan from March of 1988 thru September of 1989. I was a Corporal then.  I remember my CO was Major Hobbs and also many other great memories like the Newquay Arms, Tall Trees, the beach...the "Newquay Hoes"  ahhhh those were the days.  I was there when we had the brawl in the street with the royal army chumps !!!   I remember being restricted to base after that too...bummer.  How about some push-ups off the fifth step!   I like the picture section...I recognize quite a few people.

Thanks for the memories.

Dave Cortazzo

St. John's Wood, London



Dates: 1981 - 1983

I served in St. Johnswood from 81-83, and over the years have crossed paths with Devils from St. Mawgan as well as St. Johnswood! But the most recent was Lcpl Mike White, who lived down the street from me, we fished a lot! and LCpl Joe Horton 81-83 Saint Johnswood! He lives in Columbus Ohio, works at the Police Dept! I spent last Christmas with his family, we broke out the photo albums and could not stop laughing the whole time! He recently got in touch with John Gragotta and Livermore, and Joe Nero & Kevin Bennet, About a year ago I received a call from Sgt. Radcliff, he was our SOG, says his mind is going and filled me in on all the Sgts who we served with, Sgt Leo Cueto from NY city died of brain cancer 2 yrs ago, Sgt Pearson was killed by a drunk driver while home on leave, Sgt Scott Brennen also from Brain Cancer, Sgt Figuroa from Cancer, I ran into Cpl Freddy Palorano in Camp Pendleton in 84. But Still have not found Shaun Fells who actually came from St. Mawgan and was in the Big Fight and broke some chicks face! He married a girl from the UK, as I did! and we're still married and living in Kentucky! On my way back from Ohio I got in touch with Sgt Darisaw's wife Lorna! Who lives in Lexington, Ky. LCpl Mark Jones from St. Mawgan, I was best man at his wedding in Ca.

I took 30 days leave back in '97 and went back to 90 Allitsen Rd, but the barracks had been closed down and Marines were moved to Eastcote, and one Marine stood standing post to the entrance of the Navy Bldg! And where the downstairs main brace held some jumping after hours party was now a sports bar!

Dave Cortazzo, Retired MSGT USMC
Murray, Ky

Last update: Nov 2013.

Daniel Coss



Dates: 1987 to 1989

I have over twenty years of public safety experience. My previous experience has included law enforcement, firefighting, emergency medicine (EMT), hazardous materials, emergency management, and teaching. I have worked in the health care field for the past 7 years. I am currently the Director of Security and Public Safety at the Valley Health System in the New York City Metro Area. I am also employed in a academic environment as a Professor of Health Care Administration and Criminal Justice at Felician College located in the New York / New Jersey Metro Area. My long term goal is to become the AVP or VP in a Major Healthcare System or Tenured Professor. My short term goal is to defend my Doctor of Science Dissertation on 12/2015 on "Creating and Validating a survey instrument for the C-Suite to measure the perception of hospital employees as it relates to active shooter preparedness."

Semper Fi! P.S. Still have nightmares about Sgt. Ragin, about that issue I had, you know, Anyway….. Straight and Narrow now my friend, Straight and Narrow!

Dr. Coss

Last update: Aug 2015

Joe Davidson




Dates: October 1991 - August 1992

After my time at St. Mawgan I was sent to MCSFCO Colt's Neck at NWS Earle, NJ. I was there for a short time and that guard force was deactivated. Then I was assigned to MCSFCO Yorktown in Virginia where I EAS'd from in 1995. I have to say that I have nothing but good memories of my time in the Security Force Bn. and especially my time in St. Mawgan. After I got out I took a job as a Trooper with the Pa. State Police where I remain today. I met my wife of 10+ years at St. Mawgan. She was a sailor in the weapons department.

Ronnie Dempsey



Dates: 1988 - 1989

I went to India, 3/5 after St. Mawgan and then worked in survellience at a casino in Las Vegas. After Las Vegas got divorced and stayed single until 5 yrs ago...remarried now and have 4 kids, 3 boys and 1 girl. All the boys play sports so I stay busy coaching year round. I am now a Sales Manager at Autobahn Motorcars (high-end autos) in Fort Worth, TX and have a lil gran-baby(girl)! I do have a MySpace with some pics (myspace.com/rdempsey90)

Last update: November 2007.

Pete Doucet



Dates: February, 1988 - February, 1990

I was stationed in St Mawgan from Feb 88 to Feb 90. Left there and did a bunch of stuff in the Corps for a few years. I retired after just over 20 years in Oct of 2004. I decided to stay in Albany NY where I was stationed as the Training Chief for the I&I. I work as a salesman for a small Mom and Pop Gas fireplace and woodstove company (I’m neither Mom nor Pop). It’s good to see some new entries here on the site (Ferguson and a new and improved Nunnally).
God Bless one and all!
Semper Fi

Last update: February 2008.

Robert Doughty



Dates: 13 Dec 1985 - 12 Jun 1987

First half - 3rd Section
Roomed with...
Neubauer until he rotated out
Bainbridge until he was medevac'd to Germany with a bad back (as I remember)
McGauchey (spelling) until he died of a hear-attach while on an exercize to the compound...vehicles were disabled...we ran, hit and rolled the whole way...what a day...RIP.
Sage and McDonough in the next room
Froisness didn't stay there long...remember a medical issue before he went back to the states
Hauersperger - RIP
Spain - RIP

Second half - 1st Section
Too many others to list right now...that and memory...gotta consult the Big Red Book of old

Last update: November 2014

Luther (Andy) Douglas



Detachment 2: October 1981 - Mid 1982
St. Johnswood: Mid 1982 - October 1983

I was stationed at Camp Giger with India 3/8 2nd MarDiv until April 1985. I'm now working in the natural gas pipeline industry and living in Brandom, MS.

Last update: January 2011.

Vincent J Enriquez



June 1986 - December 1987

I was stationed @ st. mawgan from June 1986 thru December 1987. I was with 3rd section and reached COG billet. Enjoyed all my time being there, got to see London as well. The scenery from the base was spectacular, overlooking the ocean. The tourist town of Newquay was also awesome. I currently own my own plumbing business in Washington St. with my brother. I'll never forget my time there!

Last update: April 2012

Scot Fahrenbruch

E-mail: sfahrenbruch@scotconsulting.com

Web Site: www.fahrenbruch.net


Dates: January 1988 - June 1989

After St. Mawgan, I went with Danny Coss to 2/9. My second enlistment was to the Defense, Finance, and Accounting Service, MCB Hawaii and then to Controller, HQ Marine Corps Logistics Albany, GA. I got out of the Corps March 8, 1996. I initially relocated to my home town of Denver were I began a career in enterprise software systems. I now own an enterprise systems implementation and project management consulting firm in Wisconsin. I'm remarried, now have four awesome kids, ages 16, 15, 9, and 7, and a golden retriever named Reggie.

Paul Failing

E-mail: charginghard2000@yahoo.com


Dates: April 1981 - September 1982

Served with Lemere, Boren, Clark, Beasley, Pickerell, Keyes and many others......OIC was Capt Vogt, Capt Quinn was xo.......was in 3rd section Boothman block and have loads of stories to tell. After leaving Det ll, I went to Camp Lejeune for a stint with India, 3/2 and was assigned to the S-2 unit. Near the end of my enlistment, I was too short for a deployment to Okinawa so I was re-assigned with a dozen other NCO's to a regimental comm unit. We were all grunt NCO's and we found ourselves leading up comm shifts on a NATO deployment to Norway (with 48 hours notice to pack our gear!!); Deployed on the USS Saipan, went to England (again), Belgium and then back to N.C. After getting off active duty I joined 8th Tank battalion and spent 2 years there. Started working for a major petroleum supplier in the northeast and was in management with them for a total of 6 years out of the 13 years I gave them. I currently am running my own contracting outfit here in upstate NY. I plan on retiring to this very same place, on the waters of Chaumont Bay. Have been in touch with Dean Clark(another St Mawgan Marine) and others as well.  SEMPER FI!!!!

Last update: July 2010.

Jason Farrington



Dates: 1991 - 1992

I Served at St. Mawgan from 1991 to 1992. After my time in paradise was over, I was rewarded with a trip to hell. Myself and 28 other unfortunate souls were dropped into 29 Palms California to serve with 3/7. After 10 years in the Corps I moved to the civilian sector and was hired by Pfizer as a computer technician. I married an Australian girl, and we now live in Connecticut where our State Troopers look remarkably like Dan Sliby. The picture is of me and Rick Russo. Other folks I remember are Perry, Mike Warner, Anderson, Derek Sullivan, Almond, Miller, Sliby, and Twomey (who told me about this site) Anyone remember any of the ghost stories?

Last update: September 2007

David Feller

E-mail: dlfeller@ctvea.net


Dates: Jan 1987 - June 1988

Left St. Mawgan and went to K 3/2. Moved around a lot afterward, served with 3/2 (twice) 2/2, HQ 2d Marines, HQBN 2d MarDiv, MCB Lejeune, MCLB Albany, I&I Madison, WI, and HQ 10th. I retired in July of 2006 and moved to Alabama to take care of my wife's parents and build them a new house. I'm working as a Security Officer for the time being.

Last update: February 2008.

Todd Ferguson



Dates: 1987 - 1989

Hey everybody! This is Fergie from 1st section. I served w/ Somers, Nunnally, Anglin, J.Ball, Feller, Burch, Stack, Jackovich, Armijo, Salais, and Doucet and others. I left St. Mawgan for 29 Palms and served w/ C1/4, L3/7, FAST Co PAC, MCSF Bn.PAC Schools as an Instructor. (where I ran into Sgt. Doucet and shared Thanksgiving with him and some of my students) I then went on terminal leave in Late '93. I hired on w/ the N.C. Dept. of Corrections, in early '94, where I've been since. I currently work out of Craggy Correctional Center, North of Asheville, in Western N.C. I got divorced after leaving the Corps. My son is doing great, he's now 16 (he'll be 17 in Jan of '08) and is a great, well behaved, very responsible, young man. He and I remain very close. He lives an hour away, with his mother. I married a fantastic Lady, named Wendy ( she's the best wife!!) in 1999 and have never been happier! We live a nice, simple, quiet life together in Hendersonville, N.C. Everyday, I miss the Corps and the people I served along side, well except when it's bad weather, then I'm glad we're all now too old and fat to be subjected to such miseries! HAHAHA!!! I just now stumbled upon this site and saw all the names, started laughing my ass off at all the hilarious memories and stupid-assed things we did, it's astounding that we're all not dead or maimed in some way! HAHAHA!!! Let's all try to stay in touch.....that means you: Somers, Jacko, Nunally, Ball, Doucet, Feller, and all you other survivors of the horizontal rains and 1st Sgt "Jumping Jack" Jimenez's reign of terror! Q/V (Quo Vadis?)

"I am one, my liege, Whom the vile blows and buffets of the world hath so incensed, that I am reckless....." Shakespeare's Macbeth.

"Untutored courage is no match for an educated bullet." George S.Patton.

"The villainy you teach me I will execute, and it shall go hard, but I will better the instruction." Shakespeare's merchant Jew.

Last update: December 2007

Patrick Fitzmorris


Dates: May 1990 - Nov 1991

I was stationed at MCSF Co St Mawgan from May 1990 to November of 1991. After that I went to 1/4 at Horno, did a WestPAC and spent my last nine months as an MP at Camp Pendleton. I am now a BP Agent. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Stan Hunter, Sheehey, or Bob Czech I'd like to find out what happened to those good guys. I remember the good times awesome women and good friends. Good luck to all still out there.

Last update: March 2016.

Andy Fletcher


Dates: 1981 - 1983

Last update: November 2007.

Michelle Galloway



Dates: 1986 - 1987

I was in Newquay back in 86/87 and we had some good times and it's nice to see a few names that I remember also I have been in contact with a few of the Marines... The memories are GREAT and FUN :) Would love to get in contact with Mike Hernandez, Randy Lawton and few more if you remember me ...Anyway take care all and thanks for the memories .....I have 2 beautiful daughters now and im teaching lil kids how to read and write....please get in touch if you wish!

Last update: April 2007.

Tom Galloway


Dates: 1985 - 1987

After post 5, I went to E2/9 at Camp Margarita at Pendleton. Got out in '89 and went home to Indiana then married with 2 kids. Seems like the same story as most here. I think I was there from 85 to 87. I still keep in touch with Anthony Toth and Mike Boltres.

Last update: December 2008.

John Gladfelter



Dates: 1974-1975

I was stationed there in 1974, the first Marines to arrive at St. Mawgan taking security from the US Navy. I departed in July of 1975.

Last update: February 2008.

David Gregg



Dates: 1991 - 1992

I was lucky enough to be in Newquay at St. Mawgan in what I think must have been 91 to 92. Things are foggy! Served under Captain Brown and Major "Rock" Gartrell. Gunny Dobbs and Sgt Wilson. Awesome memories of my brothers in arms and Mick the cab driver.

Last update: October 2006.

Wally Hansan



Wally and Family

Dates: 1980 - 1982

It's good to see some old friends and hear some very familiar stories as well as see some names of the past. I was also a Marine that had extended stay there in 1980-1982 and was under OIC Capt. Vogt, Capt. Quinn, Sgt. Gary McCullers and Cpl. Coller. Has anyone heard from or have been contacted by any one i.e. David Angers, Joseph Norris, Klump, or Salvador Bustamante, remember any of those names? Salvador was the ladies man I never seen one Marine have so many ladies, we would hang out at Tall Trees, Birdies. We have a Gunny show up about 1981 I don't remember his name but he was the only one with a new Corvette. The bond and magic of my fellow Marines at Det 2 has always been the topic in any of my stories to my Kids, family and friends. You may remember me as Wally Husein , I shared a room with Joseph Norris, and David Angers. I've changed my last name about 20yrs ago. to Wally Hansan, it wasn't the best last name to have but my fellow Marines always stood by my side,they new where my heart was, . I hope one day some can organize a reunion for the 1980-1983 Detachment 2 Marines, it would be fun. I'm married with 3 kids and live in Chicago, and doing just fine, I own a Brazilian Restaurant in Orland Park IL. Called Sabor do Brasil any Det 2 Marines always welcome in my mess hall (no charge). Hope everyone else is doing OK . On a sad note dose anyone remember PFC. Joseph Benze he and I were good friends I think to date he is the only Marine to ever died in Newquay after falling off the cliffs. I would love to find his family and let them know for the little time we knew him he was a Hell of a Marine, and a wonderful person, If anyone hears from anyone pass the email on and I will do the same.
Semper Fi.

Last update: May 2009.

Paul Hudson



Dates: July 1987 - January 1989

After England I was stationed with 2nd Section from July 1987 to January 1989. Spent the next two years with 1/8 and Wade "Goob" Thompson, also from 2nd Section "United States Marine Corps Barracks, Naval Weapons Facility RAF St. Mawgan. Be advised this is a non-secure line. Lance Corporal Hudson speaking May I help you Sir/Ma'am. (I spent way to much time answering the phones on the quarterdeck.) I spent the last 18 years coaching soccer and working in a couple different fields mainly the mortgage industry, until that blew up, and education. Currently I am working as a military rep/ financial aid officer for the Art Institute of Pittsburgh-Online and am finishing my MBA hopefully this December. Thanks for running this site. Its good to see these names from the past. I would love to get a reunion together of all of us. Let me know if anyone is interested.
Semper Fi.

Last update: March 2010.

Greg Jackovich


Greg & Monica

Dates: August 1987 - February 1989

Greg passed away on July 17, 2015. You will be missed my friend.
-Jim Ball

After England I went to 1/1 at Camp Pendleton, CA. I deployed on a West Pac float and shortly after; returning to the United States was sent to the Persian Gulf for Desert Shield/Desert Storm. After the Gulf War I served as a reservist while going to college in Southern California. I completed my degree in Information Technology and remained in Southern California working as a technical consultant for various computer companies until I was offered a job with SBC Communications. I currently work for AT&T and live in Ventura, California with my wife Monica and daughter Samantha. I wish the very best for all of the former and active devil dogs. If anyone would like, feel free to contact me via email.
Semper Fi.

Last update: Nov 2008.

Fred Johnson



Dates: August 1987 - August 1989

After St. Mawgan I went to A 1/5 until my EAS in the spring of 90. Until recenlty I worked for Chrysler Corporate Security, managing Chrysler's version of the ACC! I was recently given a very generous severance package along with a new car, so as of now I am driving around the country site seeing.
I think one of the things that made St. Mawgan so unique was that there weren't very many of us there at one time and while the situation in Newquay was not life "threatening" we still had to watch each others backs.
Semper Fi.

Last update: June 2009.

Bill Kernstock



Dates: February 1987 - August 1988

I was at RAF St Mawgan from February 1987 to August 1988. I was mostly with 1st platoon that I remember. I was 1st roomed with Slagle and then with Pomerleau. He kept changing his name when asked. I now live in Hawaii. My friends were Carrillo, Chavez, Cotto and i remember going to the gym also. It was a crazy time. I have 2 kids, work security at Chaminade University in Hawaii, and keep busy. I'm not as fit as I used to be... multiple marathons, triathalons, swims etc etc etc. keep in touch.
god bless
devil dog
teuffle hund
crazy mofo!

Last update: Oct 2010.

Kevin Knight




Dates: 1989 - 1991

I was with MCSF St Mawgan from 89 - 91.  I left there and was attached to 2nd LAI BN , 2D MarDiv.  I got out in 1993. I am married and have two children. I work for a high-speed telecommunications company. I look back at my days walking post 5 or 8 and laugh. I hope this message finds its way to Kirksey, Desimone, Derosset, Honaker!! I also would like to know what happened to Sergeant Schneering. I last saw him in Camp Lejeune in 1992.

Mike Konieczko



Out on a weekend hike.

Wilcox - Long - Konieczko - Cuevas

Dates: 1978 - 1980

I served at RAF St. Mawgan from 1978 to 1980. I was part of a large group sent from 29 Palms the summer of "78". At the end of my duty at DET II, I moved back to my home town of Racine, WI - got a degree in mechanical design and am currently employed as a product engineer at a local lighting manufacturer. Along the way I married my high school sweetheart Peggy and have two great kids Kevin (22) and Sarah(19). I had great times and have many fond memories of my years at St. Mawgans. I've attached a couple of photos one with a few of the guys that would do weekend hikes about the UK. We just couldn't get enough walking. Left to Right (if memory serves me) are Wilcox - Long - Myself and Cuevas. Second photo is me today. I hope others from my time come across this site and write.

Last update: July 2010

Sean Kooistra



Honor Guard at a 4th of July Parade

Dates: 1987 - 1989

I was stationed at RAF St. Mawgan from '87 - '89. I was a member of the 3rd herd w/ Sgt. Ragen either most of the time, or the whole time. Can't remember. When I left St. Mawgan, I got hooked up with Kilo Co. 3/5 as an 0351. Traveled here and there with them, and then left active duty in June of 1991. From there, I did some college, jumped jobs every 2 to 3 years, and am now a Police Officer in Sioux Falls, SD.

Shane Krause




Dates: January 1988 - July 1989

I was with 2nd Section from Jan. 88 - July 89. What an experience that place was. My favorites from there was the wind, the bars, the togga parties and being a driver. I have always wondered if Ramos learned to take corners properly? As a note Shannon Tuton (Chicken Hawk) same time frame past away a couple of years back. I have a picture of him in the COs chair before I left. This same guy yacked from his 2nd floor window into the COs!

Last update: October 2006

Victor Ledford




Dates: May 1985 - May 1987

I was there from may 85-may87 had a great time. Went to the FMF and went to the Gulf til war was over. Got out got married and had four wonderful children. I now live in West Virginia and am a field superintendant for a millwright and rigging company. Life is great I attribute my happiness to the values I learned in the Corps and don't regret a day of it. St Mawgan is definitely some of my best memories. I found about this from Perez on togetherweserved.com. Check it out; I've found boot camp buddies and so on.

Last update: February 2008

Adam Levi




Dates: 1984 - 1985

Steve Liller



Dates: July 1983 -July 1985

I was stationed at St. Mawgan July 83 to July 85. Yes, I actually extended. I had the time of my life there. I rotated to 2/9 and then got out of the Marines. I met some amazing people while stationed in Cornwall and often speak about the experience. I since changed my name to Stephen Liller Vaught.

Last Update: January 2009

Lamont Lyon



Lyon and Legler.

Dates: 1988 - 1989

Lamont is still on active duty and has been stationed at the Pentagon since May of 2001 at the Antiterrorism/Force Protection Directorate. His other duty stations include: Yuma, AZ, "I" Co 3/5; MSG Bn Shenyang, China; Tokyo; Freetown, Sierra Leone; PMO Quantico; RSS Cedar Rapids, Iowa and OSO Des Moines, Iowa.

Last Update: 2007

Ken Marigo




Dates: January 1984 - December 1985

I spent almost two years at St Mawgan. I extended once and was able to travel to many European cities. What a great tour of duty. After leaving England, I was stationed with the 27th Marines in 29 Palms with the 3rd LAV battalion. I spent a little time in the desert, but our unit was deployed to an Army base called Fort Hunter Liggett in Monterey, CA for soviet tank tactics. I received an honorable discharge in June of 1986 as a corporal. I attended Santa Rosa Junior College and received a Business degree at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. I currently live in Santa Rosa, CA where I am an Inventory Control Manager. I have been married for 12 years and have three beautiful children.

Last Update: March 2005

Sean A. McCuin




Dates: January 1988 - July 1989

I am currently a Gunny at Cherry point, married for the third time!? 1 Daughter from the first wife. Duty stations after St. Mawgan: Camp Pendleton 3/5, MALS-26 MCAS New River, MWSS 171 Iwakuni, Japan, MALS 13 MCAS Yuma, 15th MEU Camp Pendleton (two floats), Recruiting duty RS Milwaukee, WI, MWHS-2 MCAS Cherry Point, NC. Married to a British lady from Liverpool for 5 years.

Last Update: February 2006

Joe McDonough




Dates: December 1985 - June 1987

3rd Section (The Herd) After leaving St. Mawgan and forgetting it exsists, I ended up at India Co. Wpns Plt. 3/9. Re-upped and transfered to FAST LANT. at Norfolk, VA. I got out in May 1993 after a stint as a PMI for MCSFLant at the Range Det. Damn Neck, VA.

Last Update: May 2008

Chuck Medley




Dates: May 1984 to December 1985

I remember St. Mawgan well! When I arrived, I stayed in Boothman block. I remember standing guard duty at Baker block and also remember some of the long days spent in the "compound". I remember as we marched along the flight line to relieve the on-duty Platoon, I could see the Marine standing on top of post 3; knowing that it would be me standing up their shortly. There are a few names that I remember and some that are on this web site. I was good friends with several Marines there: James Teeling, James Casey, Kevin Finch, Frank Barrerra, Jim Boucher, and others who's names escape me at the moment. I left St. Mawgan as a Cpl and was promoted to Sgt. shortly after. I was an Instructor at NTA in northern Okinawa. I left the Corp and received by Bachelors Degree. I'm a Det/Sgt. in charge of Internal Affairs at a Sheriff's Office in Michigan and have been there for almost 20yrs. I am Married and have 3 children. I still keep in shape, as some may remember. I recently completed by 30th full Marathon and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I remember my time at St. Mawgan and smile. We had some good times. I never regretted my time in Corps. I plan on taking my wife to England and , who knows, maybe even make a stop in Newquay and tip a "pint of Guinness" in honor of my friends who I had the pleasure of serving with at St. Mawgan.

Last Update: May 2012

Glenn Miller




Dates: 1975 to 1977

Last Update: Dec 2012

Trent Mohr



Dates: 1988 - 1989

After rotating back to the fleet I was with 1st Platoon, Lima Co. 3/9. We were sent over to Saudi as part of Desert Shield arriving Aug. 20th 1990. 3/9 was part of Task Force Ripper for most of Desert Shield and then became part of Task Force Papa Bear for the duration of Desert Storm. I got out of the Corps in Aug 1991. I moved back to my hometown of Deadwood, SD and currently work for a company that distributes slot machines to Native American casinos across the country. I have two beautiful daughters.

Doug Morton



Dates: 1975 - 1977

I was stationed at St. Mawgan Marine Barracks from 1975-77. Following that I was at Camp Lejeune until my honorable discharge in 1977. I am a Master Plumber in Dummerston , VT. I teach Plumbing/heating for a tech school in NH, and play bass in 3 popular bands, and have performed w/ a few famous rock musicians. I am married w/ 2 grown children, would love to coorespond w/any of my mates from those days...especially the Sailors Arms crew!

Semper Fi!

Michael Moscati


Michael on Mount Fuji, Japan

Dates: 1986 - 1987

I did my time in the Corps and got the hell out, but time has been kind to the Corps in my memory. I now remember far more of the good than the bad. I went to school and earned a BA and MA in history and entered a PhD. program but I was sick of endless school so I left the program and went to work for Cambridge University Press in NYC. Long story short I now live in Honolulu, Hawaii with my wife Christine. I work for the State of Hawaii for the Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism. I am in the Research and Economic Analysis Division.

Last update: December 2008

Daniel Nichols




Dates: January 1991 - August 1992

I was stationed at St. Mawgan from January 1991 to August 1992 when the Marine Security Force detachment was closed. After St. Mawgan I went to Kilo 3/8 at Lejeune. After a Med cruise with the 26th MEU in 1993, I went to Division Schools for nine months. After leaving the Corps, I attended the University of South Alabama (USA) and with the assistance of the GI Bill, earned a BS in Computer Science. I currently work at USA and am working on my Master's degree in Instructional Design and Development. Special thanks to the pub operators and ladies of the Newquay area, who were always there for morale after leaving the pit. I forget the exact name of the cab company (Carmen, Carmino), but the drivers were the best and could find you no matter where you woke up!

Last update: September 2007

Pete "Nicky" Nickodemus




Dates: 1978 - 1981

Stationed RAf St Mawgan & Marine Barracks London. London was fun (went up & down the rank structure, we weren't liked by the embassy crowd, too rowdy I guess), but St. Mawgan...we owned!!! 1978-1981 Get an "Anchor Steam" at the Newquay Arms. 1st JAR Head to surf Newquay in triple over head, close out conditions, couple of Brothers on the beach makin sure I didn't drown. Remember going to the base club one day after "duty desk" on suit day. After I got there, still had the .45 in the shoulder holster on. OOPS! Left Det II, went to :LFTC Naval Amphib. Base, Norfolk. Finally started to settle down. Did a lat move and went to VMFP-3 EL Toro. Did a few WestPacs, longest was 135 day's @ sea in the IO (where nobody hears you scream). Could go on, but the main reason I'm posting here is, in 2001 I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. According to Web MD there are three (3) possible causes. 1) Family history...nope 2) Numerous heavy X-Rays of the head...never happened. 3) Nuclear exposure...???. After being exposed to the latter, cancer can lay dormant in the body for many years. The most common cancer is Thyroid. Many people down range from Nevada's testing grounds develop Thyroid cancer. Considering the government "toy's" we escorted, has anyone heard of any other Marines or Naval personel gotten cancer? When I was there, we wore no exposure badges and only had gas masks & poncho's when we had a leak alert( which the EPA, says never happened) therefore the VA declined my claim. What make's me wary of any information is, I found out I was a "CASE" study. Last year a bird Colonel from Bethesda show'd up to review my case. Did anything change in the way to protective gear after I left? Does anyone know of any other of our Brothers that got cancer or their children w/ birth defects? Please contact me if you have any information relating to duties at Det II. This includes "if or if no" protective gear was ever issued? Any information on "LEAK" alerts! I remember we had one. On the lighter side, remember the "Rats"!!! I remember a guy we called "Chief" who got 7 of the little critters. He left them in formation right outdside the door of the "isolation corridor" when Col. Livingston came down from London!

Semper Fi

Last update: May 2007.

Bruce Niles




Dates: 1987 - 1989 ?

I am well and I truly miss those days we worked hard and we had way to much fun. So much I miss, I could just go on and on again some of the best years of my life and would do it all again and would not change a thing. My heart goes out to the families of COG Leglar and Lyons and my COG Jackovich. I spent so much time with them and they were fine young men. Semper Fi and I am sure they are SOG's in Heaven. To all my fellow Marines Im in Holly Ridge, NC. Look me up my door is always open and you wont have to hot rack (ya'll know what I mean).

Last update: March 2016.

Errick Nunnally

E-mail: errick.nunnally@gmail.com

Home Page: http://www.erricknunnally.us

Dates: February, 1987 - August, 1989

Right after St. Mawgan, I shipped out to 1/8 in N.C. for the rest of my time. During a Med Float, near the end of my tour, I broke my ankle something fierce fast roping from a helo onto the deck of an LP. After a few months of rehab, the Corps medically discharged me with honor and didn't bother to call when a bunch of leathernecks got called back for Desert Storm. After I got out of the Corps, I wound up in a veterans' program (still on crutches) at UMass Boston to fix up my educational background. Then, rather than pursue education per se, I got accepted to the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. I graduated in '97 with a bachelor's degree in graphic design and have been working in the field ever since. I also got used to my newly realigned legs and move just fine nowadays, but I'll never hump ten miles with a full pack on again! Since meeting and marrying my wife, Erica, an interior architect, I've been pursuing creative interests in writing (wrote a novel, got an agent) and comic art (fruitless, so far) as well as maintaining a keen interest in racquetball. While waiting for something other than design to produce some results, I had a beautiful little girl, Kai, in 2004. We're expecting our second child just before the summer of 2008.

p.s. "Thank you," for the compliment, Aaron, you have a lovely family. "What's up" to Jackovich (one of the nicest guys ever); Coss (forever underestimated, but never under appreciated); Dempsey (a serious Texan if ever there was one); Doucet (knew he'd make good sooner or later); "congrats," Fahrenbruch on running your own d@mn business; "tougher than you'd think," to Jim Ball, "nice work keeping this site up and running;" and "peace," to Lyon and Legs, two hardcore cats keeping it real.

p.p.s. Sorry to hear about your situation, Nick, but I haven't heard of any other instances occurring to St. Mawgan Marines or otherwise.

Last update: January 2008.

Richard Parkison

E-mail: park_usmc@yahoo.com

Dates: January 1986 - July 1987

I served at RAF St Mawgan from Jan of 86 to July 87. 3rd herd under Nurnberger then Ferguson.I miss Doug and Danny alot. Havent seen either since Dans wedding. Shout out to Vic "jump qaul" Morris, and Sanders. I heard that LA Sunshine went to regroup in hell after a helecopter crash, sorry to hear that. After my last wake-up i headed to FMF 3/8 2nd mardiv. I was reading the article about Marines being banned from Newquay after a brawl....I was there...i was the one questioned by the cops. Fight started with a buddy of mine Jeff Rhodes from Wisconsin, clocking a guy at Sailors and chasing him up town....ill tell the whole story sometime...feel free to drop me a line...

Last update: January 2010.

Roy Perez




Dates: 1985 - 1987

I was at RAF St Mawgan from 1985-1987. Our CO was Major Murdock, we also had Capt Wells, GySgt Madero and SSgt Miles, Cpl Ching, Randy Lawton, Boltrus, Barrera, Madrid, Garcia and Grant. We had a blast in France and Amsterdam. I was with 1st and 3rd Sections. I married Susan Trahair from St Austell in 1986 and we are still married. It is our 22nd anniversary in June 08. When I left St Mawgan I went to E.Co 2/7 in Camp Pendleton, then to Edson range, then an unaccompanied tour in Oki for a year at Camp Hansen, then back to 2/7 in 29 Palms. I got out in 1995. I have two kids in college and I work for Federal Bureau of Prisons
St Mawgan was my best experience in the Marine Corps!
SEMPER FI to all who survived Marine Barracks St Mawgan.

Last update: February 2008.

Mike Peeples




Dates: July, 1989 - April, 1991

Spent a little time down there from 7/89-4/91. Got a few good pictures and memories from Boothman block that I would like to send to you once I locate them all. Also have contact with Allen Derossett and Kevin Matthews and will let them know about this site.

Jeff Pomerleau



Dates: 1987 - 1988

St. Mawgan Marine 87/88. A few of us during this time had been extended for and extra 6 months to make a full two years, I was part of Sgt. Garside's crew. I left St. Mawgan and reported to 3/7, 29 Stumps. There was a shortage of MPs so I was a FAP with PMO 29 Palms for about a year before going to Saudi with 1/7. Leaving the Corps I moved back to Maine; anyone who served with me in St. Mawgan knew how I love my home state. I was hired by my home town police Department (Augusta) before leaving the Corps. Augusta PD was good to me, I served a short tour in patrol and then climbed the ranks serving as a detective, patrol sergeant and ultimately a Lieutenant/ Watch Commander of the Evening and Night Shifts. 17 years at Augusta PD was enough for me; the town changed and the small French Section I grew up in was no more. I've recently (Dec 07) have taken a number two position in Greenville, Maine. My wife of 5 years (Betty-Jo) and my Sweetpea (6 year old Jessica) are adjusting well to this new area, Some of you might remember that the Moosehead Area of Maine (Greenville) has always been my dream spot. My memories of times with friends in St. Mawgan are endless, oh what a Newquay Steam would taste like right now. I would love to hear from any of you that I served with. I'd also like to continue to blog.

Last update: September 2008.

Tony Quinn



Dates: ?

Major Quinn (retired)

Best tour in my 22 years in the Marine Corps

Best Marines I ever had the joy of serving with.

Best story #1: The Inspector General flies in for the first ever IG inspection of “Marine Barracks End of the Earth” as it was affectionately known. The guard chief had divided everything up by Guard Section. 1st section doing junk on the bunk, 2d section doing Guard Mount inspection, and 3d Herd doing the PFT. Everyone had just gotten their blues retailored, gotten their civilian clothing allowance, and everyone had bought a new jewelry box with all new brass, insignia, etc. from the Marine Shop in Quantico. 1st section blows the IG away with junk on the bunk, and 3rd herd kills the PFT. IG asks if we had set him up and hand picked people for the inspection. Guard chief tells the IG, “You can inspect anyone you want, but all you’re going to be able to do is admire them. “ The IG stayed another two days and inspected everyone on everything. Colonel Livingston was on the hook like 20 times asking what was going wrong. We had a superior inspection, then the IG went up to the Barracks Headquarters in London and there was an accidental discharge while he was there among other excitement.

Best story #2: Colonel Livingston wants a Rugby team at St Mawgan. Ok, we bought uniforms, rugby “boots” , etc. and started practicing. Actually we didn’t know #### about Rugby but we could tackle hard. Scheduled a game with the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary. They absolutely killed us. I still have a little finger that sticks out at an angle after one of the cops dislocated it on purpose during the game. It was only after the game that we found out that Rugby was about commaraderie. The Guard chief bought 3 kegs of beer, and the Constabulary and the off duty Guard Mount proceeded to make friends with each other. I left after 6 hours and the Guard Chief took over. When I walked into the barracks the next morning, there were police dressed in marine uniforms and Marines dressed in police uniforms laying all over the place along with three empty kegs. I think every policeman in Cornwall showed up at some time or another that night.

#3:Any time a new Marine joined the Detachment two of the first things that needed to be completed were fam-firing all guard weapons and a trip through the gas chamber. The guard chief and I went through the gas chamber will the new Marine (I think he and I were the most gassed Marines in the Corps since there was usually a new person every week). The gas chamber was a little old building on the far side of the runway near a sheep pasture. We used to have a little CS tablet that we burned to generate the gas. It was about a 5 gram tablet as I recall.
To make a long story short, we ran out of CS tablets and needed to run a bunch of people through the gas chamber. The guard chief told me, "Don't worry Captain, you just go inside with the new personnel, and I'll handle the gas.". He took out pop-up flare like CS round, stuck it in the window of the CS chamber and set it off. The damn thing whizzed around the room about 5 times, with everyone hitting the deck. Then it flew back out another window and landed in a herd of sheep. This thing burns about 120 grams of CS. All the sheep fell on the ground with their feet waving in the air, luckily they weren't permanently injured but the farmer was there screaming and hollering about poison gas. We had to pay the owner reparations for stressing out his sheep and managed to get a honorable mention in the local newspaper. Never ever trust someone who tells you "don't worry".

Left St Mawgan and over time spent nine years recruiting, three years in Okinawa as the S-3 of 9th Marines and the XO of the Reconnaissance Battalion. Retired from MCRD San Diego and moved to Texas. Teaching school here for 15 years now, getting ready to retire again. Love to hear some more stories.

Last update: June 2012.

Bob Rebmann



Dates: March 1980 - Sept 1981

I joined the Marines in Oct.1979, went to Parris Island boot camp. Camp Pendleton for ITS and then on to St. Mawgan from Mar.'80 to Sept.'81. After that I went to Camp Lejeune, 2nd Tank Bn., AT-TOW CO. Dec.'81-Went to Camp Ripley, Minnesota for cold weather training, Jan.'82 to Norway for operation cold winter onboard the USS Shreveport. Returned Apr.'82. Summer of '82, I went to 29 Palms for desert training. In Dec.'82 I returned to Camp Ripley Minnesota for more cold weather training and in Jan.'83 back to Norway for another float, onboard the USS Guam for operation Alloy Express. Returned in Apr.'83. The summer of '83, I went to Fort Hunter Liggett in California to test the Hmmwv (hum-vee) prototypes. One of the best jobs ever. I was discharged in Oct. 83, two weeks before the Beirut bombing. Lost some great Marines and friends from AT-TOW CO., Never Forget them. I work as an Operating Engineer for about 20 years, been married for 23 years and have 2 kids, 10 and 13.

Last update: August 2008.

Jamie Rogers



Dates: 1986 - 1987

I served in St. Mawgan from 1986-1987. I served in the Marine Corps from Dec 27, 1985 to Mar 1, 2006. After St. Mawgan, I served with C Co 1/7, MCSFO London, E Co 2/5, Recruiting Duty, Great Falls Montana, Field Medical Service School, Camp Pendleton, then I retired from Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 133 as their Military Advisor. I deployed to Somalia, Rwanda, and the Iraq War. I am married to Elaine Lawes from Newquay and we have 1 son, Shawn. We are now living in Colorado Springs CO. Never Forget "Walkin At St Mawgan!"

Last update: May 2009.

Jeff Rick




Dates: June 1991 - August 1992

After I left I was assigned to 3/7 at 29 Palms.  I married a local girl and moved back to Newquay and lived there 97-99. I was in the picture of the Marines marching through St.Columb on the Cover of Leatherneck Dec. 92!  I was in 3rd section with Sgt. Ching.

Last update: June 2016.

Brian Schnering



Dates: December 1987 - December 1990

After St. Mawgan I spent time back at Camp Lejune, Parris Island and Okinawa retiring in 2005. I moved back home to Bradenton Florida and have been back here ever since. St. Mawgan was a highlight of my career and the quintessential “Marine Barracks” … The camaraderie that existed with the Company and the rivalries between sections were priceless. Go Boothman Block.

Semper FI…..

Cliff Slagle



Dates: 1986 - 1988

Left England and went to 2-5, Camp Pendleton. Got out in 1990 and moved to Michigan.

Last update: May 2007.

Dan Sliby



Dates: 1991 - 1992

Was in St Mawgan from early 91 to shut down in 1992 then off to beautiful 29 Palms 3/7. Came to 3/7 with McDermott, Fields, Mason, Kelly, O'Connor, Knight - Few others can't recall them all. Never Forget "Walkin At St Mawgan!"

Last update: November 2006.

Adam Spain - Rest in Peace

Adam Burton Spain, Age 44 of Chattanooga, TN, was killed Thursday, May 6, 2010 by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan, while working as a private contractor for Global Strategies Group. Adam was born in Nashville, TN and graduated from David Lipscomb High School where he played football. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps and also the 101st Airborne. Adam was a big man with an even bigger heart, many friends and family called him "Big Mo". He was a loving husband, father, son, brother, grandfather and uncle. He worked all over the world and brought wonderful treasures back to his family. He was preceded in death by his mother, Jacqulyn Burton Spain; grandparents, Trinie and Nelson Burton, and Elizabeth and George Spain. Surviving relatives: wife, Angela Dickinson Spain; son, Shane Michael; daughter-in-law, Janet; grandchildren, Skyla and Hunter; father, George Edward Spain; sister, Trina Spain Flynn and husband Pat Flynn; brothers, Brad Spain, Lynch Spain and wife Sara Spain, Darwin Spain and wife Lori Spain; his eight nieces and four nephews. Graveside services will be held 1 p.m. (EST) Friday, May 14, 2010 at the Chattanooga National Cemetery, with Chaplain Patrick Brownell officiating. Military Honors will be presented. Visit www.heritagefh.com to share words of comfort to the family. In lieu of flowers, the family request contributions be made to the Adam Spain Family Educational Fund in care of George Spain, 1724 N. Observatory Dr., Nashville, TN 37215. "His life was gentle, and the elements so mixed in him, that Nature might stand up, and say to all the world, THIS WAS A MAN!" William Shakespeare, "Julius Caesar", Act V. Published in The Tennessean on May 12, 2010

Dates: 1985 - December 1986
Gunny Madero was an experience along with Newquay and Sailors Arms. Steve Farley, Buc Kehoe, Goose, Snapper, and many others were a pleasure to serve with. I married my wife of 20 years from Liverpool, Angela Spain. She ended up a good Marine wife. We ended up at 1/8. I was honorably discharged and then joined the army for 4 years. After that we ended up in Tennessee. Our son has moved out and talking of joining the Corps. I work construction and rehab older homes. Poured concrete in Afganistan for the last 2 years. Trying to go to China now to work on a new embassy. This has brought back some old memories walking the gauntlet after a promotion, the beer, and the great food brought to us at work. Semper Fi.

Last update: May 2010.

Derek Sullivan



Dates: August 1991 - August 1992

I served in 3rd Section with Sgt. James and Sgt. Moore, then 1st Section with Sgt. Wilson. I served with the greatest bunch of guys I've ever known, Royce Smith, Ryan Velarde, Jay Farrington, Rob Sprekelmeyer, Chad Almond, Mike Warner and Jerry Twomey are just a few. Serving at RAF St. Mawgan was the time of my life, so many great memories! When MCSF Co. St. Mawgan closed I went to 3/7 in 29 palms, serving until '94 with some Reserve time in '05. I am now a police officer in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Cheers mate!

Last update: March 2009.

Michael Sullivan

E-mail: Unknown

Dates: 1984 - 1986

Julia Rispin is pictured in the photo with Michael and would like to get in touch with him. He was from San Diego, CA. If you know his whereabouts, please contact her via email at jamesrispin@hotmail.com.

Last update: June 2010.

Matt Sword



web site: www.jarheadjournal.com


Dates: August, 1989 - August, 1991

I served at St.Mawgan during August 1989 - 1991. I was in 3rd section under Sgt. Ragin and later Sgt. James. If you're going to drink...Don't fight, if you're fight...Don't drink, and if you do... pack your bags and go to the NAAFI. Ragin's Libo brief I've created my own little site / pages for St.Mawgan http://www.jarheadjournal.com/st-mawgan.php
I've been married to Emma for over 15+ years. We met in Newquay @ the Arms! I went from hardcore grunt to computer geek. I'm a software engineer today and I do systems integration and website development. I don't have any kids yet, but I hope too one day.

Jerry Twomey

E-mail: Jerry.Twomey@ie.astellas.com

Dates: Jan 1991 - Sept 1992

I was at St. Mawgan from Jan 1991 to September 1992 when the company was closed down. I was the legal clerk and took over from Sgt Marburger. I left the Marine Corps in Sept Õ92 and I am now living in Ireland (which is where I enlisted from in the first place). I have contact with Steve Seapker, Jason Farrington, Derek Sullivan, Dan Sliby and a couple of others. Anybody know the whereabouts of Jimmy Wickson or Eric Knight???

Last update: December 2007

Brandon Vanderberg

E-mail: brandon@vanderberg.net

web site: www.vanderberg.net

Dates: April, 1990 - November, 1991

I went to North Carolina for a stint with India, 3/2. Then I spent some time at MCRD, San Diego and finally MCTSSA, Camp Pendleton. Got out in 97, divorced the Newquay girl I married, but have two great kids to show for it. I still miss long nights on 5 or 8, having a smoke and snapping in on Cpl Alston and Sgt James. Today, I design and build networks in San Diego and tell mostly accurate stories about all the crap you guys did out there.

Darrin 'Wags' Wagner

E-mail: dwagner3@kc.rr.com


Dates: February, 1988 - August, 1989

After leaving St. Mawgan, I was sent to 2nd Bn, 4th Marines in Camp Lejuene. We were sent to Saudi in December 1990 until May 1991. I got out in July 1991. I have been married 5 years and have a 2 year old girl and a 3 year old boy. I will have many stories for them about England when they're older, much older! I am a QC Specialist for Time Warner.

Kirk Wallace

E-mail: Kirk.wallace@att.net

Dates: 1987 - 1989

I served in the USMC from 23 June 1987 until I retired on 1 July 2007. I was stationed at St. Mawgan from 1987 to 1989 After I left St. Mawgan I went to 3/5 at Camp Pendleton, CA. I went to Panama and Desert Shield and Desert Storm with them. Once I came back, I lat moved into Artillery Electronics and was stationed at 11th Marine Regiment at Camp Pendleton, CA. After years there, I went to I&I duty in Fort Worth, TX. What a thankless job at the Regimental level. Then I went to Fort Sill and was a MOS school instructor, where I retired from. I now live around Quantico, VA where I am a government contractor supporting the Marine Corps. My wife’s name is Monica and I have one child, Jessica (16)

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Mike White



Dates: August 1984 - February 1986

OORAH!!! I was at St. Mawgan From August 84 - Feb 86 , at which time I left and went to Lima company 3/7 at Camp Pendleton. After that I lat moved to the "Wing" and was stationed at MCAS Yuma for the remander of my career. I retired in Dec of 04 and am currently work for Boeing here in yuma. In 04 I went to a reunion in Las Vegas with Dave Cortazzo.

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Alex Wright Yzaguirre (Izzy)

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Dates: December 1991 - Close in 1992

Hung around with Brian Taylor from New York. Then got stationed in Kings Bay, Georgia. I married a St Austell girl that ended in divorce and me in the slammer. Anyhow, married to a wonderful Christian wife now and as of june 2010 we have 2 boys, 4 and 2 and a little girl 7 months old. We are serving our lord Jesus Christ and now live in San Diego and I own my own concrete business. I miss my beloved state of Texas and I visit every chance I get. We had fun in England and in the Corps but I love my life now and my family. God bless you all and if anybody knows of whereabouts of Brian Taylor of New York, tell him to get in touch, last I know he was in the Dallas area I think working as a health or fitness instructor. (760) 535-8007.

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