Carrillo and Chavez - 1986.

Aaron Burch and Brian Witt.

1st Section - 1987.

CS Man and Ron Dempsey.

Kevin Stack at Picadilly Circus.

Nunnally on the Gannel.

Headin' out for a hump - '87.

Rich Anglin on the way to Germany.

Tommy Maher - '87.

Happy Birthday!


3rd Section - November 1990.

Matt Sword hard at work.

The base range - '91.

Towan Beach, Newquay

Danny Coss & Scott Fahenbrook


1st Section - 1989

Kevin Brown and ? Mankin

Marine Corps Ball - 1990

Vanderberg, Hanou, Newburg

Back: Galloway, Tom Baker, Scanlon, Randy Lawton, ?

Middle: Mike Boltres, ?, Salias(?), Chuck Bate, Michael Moscati

Front: ?, ?, Perez, Cheatham

Marine Corps Ball 1985


1985 Cruise Book - Major Murdock

1985 Cruise Book - 1st Section

1985 Cruise Book - 2nd Section

1985 Cruise Book - 3rd Section

1983 Marine Corps Ball

Steve Liller

This is a photo taken in 1984 in a town called Camborne during some type of run. I can't remember if it was a pub run or something else. The people posing are the command staff circa 1984 /85 and are as follows:
Left to right (good thing I wrote this info on the back of the original)
Maj Murdock (in the windbreaker) CO
Cpl Brooks (bent over)
1Sgt. Horning (det 1st sgt)
Sgt. Penwall
GySgt McMichaels (guy in the blue shirt behind Sgt. Penwall)
Lcpl Cavenaugh (left of GySgt McMichaels)
Lcpl Dotey (in front of Cavenaugh)
Capt McIntyre (XO) Only man I've ever seen run while smoking a cigarette SSgt Sandifer (Guy wearing the hat)
Cpl Serrano (kneeling)
The guy in the wheel chair was named David and if I remember correctly, they pushed him along in the chair during the run
The shirts are the rugby shirts that were bought for when we played rugby against the Brits (one time) They were issued for the run and then had to be turned back in.

Photo courtesy of Monty Mann

November 11, 2015