Oliver Letourneau and Evalina (Lena) Peloquin

Oliver J Letourneau was born in St. Constant, Quebec on January 6th, 1865.  This is just south of Montreal across the St. Lawrence River. He was the last of 10 children born to Cajetan Letourneau and Marie Cesarie Fiffle.  Not long after Oliver was born, Marie died.  In 1867, Cajetan emigrated to Minnesota with his 10 children.  The family settled on a farm near Centerville, Minnesota in Anoka County.

Evalina Peloquin was born August 20th, 1866 to Edward Peloquin and Victorine Lemoine in Quebec, Canada.  She was the 9th of 10 childern.  Census records state she emigrated to Minnesota with her family in 1883.  

Oliver and Evalina were married on October 15th, 1883 in Centerville, Minnesota.  The wedding took place at St. Genevieve Catholic Church with the Rev. J. Goiffon presiding.   The witnesses were Medore Letourneau, the groom's older brother, and Edvige Peloquin, the bride's sister. 

Oliver and Lena were married for 50 years and had 13 children.  The third child, Adellia, died when she was an infant.

Name Born Died Spouse
Oliver Joseph November 13, 1884 October 26, 1961 Virginia Rivet
Clara Marion(Sister Olivia) September 14, 1889 February 15, 1981  
Adellia May 8, 1890 July 18, 1890  
Cyril Thomas August 7, 1891 March 24, 1958 Elizabeth Letourneau
Ernest Julius August 30, 1892 December 4, 1965 Virginia Revior
Alice Marie February 28, 1894 September 13, 1935 George Harris
Victoria Adele April 10, 1896 April 11, 1997 Ed Staudenmaier
Arsene Harry February 26, 1898 March 16, 1964 Helen Miesner, Gladys 
Laura Edvidge December 2, 1900 May 14, 1991 Ray Dolfay
Louis Henry February 19, 1902 January 12, 1951 Minnie Guckenberg
Raymond Francis September 16, 1903   Several
George Emanuel March 10, 1905 February 7, 1971 Genevieve Morency
Doris Matilda February 13, 1910 December 13, 1987 M. Morley, R. Memmer


Oliver, Lena and daughter Doris in about 1913.


Oliver in the summer of 1940.  This photo was probably taken behind his house in White Bear Beach, Minnesota.

Evalina died of breast cancer on April 8th, 1933.

From the White Bear Press (1955):

Oliver Letourneau Marks 90th Birthday

A White Bear area resident since 1919, Mr. Oliver Letourneau of Taylor Avenue, White Bear Beach, celebrates his 90th birthday anniversary on January 6th.  A life-long resident of the state, Mr. Letourneau was born in 1865 in Washington County and married Miss Lena Peloquin in Centerville, Minn, in 1883.  He has been a widower since 1933.  Thirteen children were born to the Letourneaus, of which ten are still living.  Mr. Letourneau has 32 grandchildren, 53 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild.  As a young man, Mr. Letourneau worked in the lumber camps at Stillwater, as a logger and has long thrilled his children with tales of those vigorous days.  No definite celebration has been planned, but his numerous descendents and friends have been visiting Mr. Letourneau since Sunday to extend birthday greetings.  One of the visitors was his daughter, Sister Olivia of St. Joseph's Hospital, St. Paul, on her annual family visit.

Oliver passed away 2 years later on December 4th, 1957.

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